October 4th, 2009 by Mikko

Here are some recent pics of Igor, courtesy of the new iPhone!

May 4th, 2009 by Veera

Moar pictures

December 19th, 2008 by Veera

Some pictures from shower and cage.

Igor in the showerAnother one in the showerA washing grinIn the cage, angry

Igor´s first winter

December 12th, 2008 by Veera

We haven´t updated for a long time. It doesn´t mean nothing has been going on, but merely that Igor is beginning to “stabilize”. He is still a puppy, but also shows signs of becoming a good grown-up dog:) Here are some photos from his winter adventures:)


October 5th, 2008 by Mikko

We decided to visit the families down south. My mother’s house contains two pug ladies:

Igor´s 1/2 birhtday!

August 18th, 2008 by Veera

Igor has turned 6 months old today so to celebrate that two new videos.

Igors fourth video

Igors fifth video

Reaching the summit

July 23rd, 2008 by Veera

It seems that Igor is finally starting to get the hang of things.  He is starting to turn into a perfectly wonderful doggie. He still has a bit of an attitude, but my opinion is that a dog really needs to have some attitude to be a perfect companion. We don´t want a dog that does everything at our beg and call. We want a dog that usually understands what we want and he does that because he wants to please us and not because he has learned that he needs to do things. The breed information on the japanese spitz states that they are dogs that wish to please their owners and that is something i totally agree with. Igor does rebel and sniffle when we ask for him to do different things, but his cabability of learning and understanding is incredible. It only takes him one lunch break to understand a new trick or to understand a new command. He also picks up on different gestures and different words. If I put on make up or change into outdoors pants he knows it´s time for our walk or that at least something is going to happen soon. At around 11:30-11:55 he starts to wait for Mikko to come home for lunch. He sits by the door and waits until Mikko comes home. At around 15:15-15:55 he starts to bug me and reminds me that soon it´s time to get Mikko from work. It´s not like he knows what time it is. It´s more like he has some indication of time and an inner timetable in his head. It´s also possible that he reads me so well that he knows from my actions that soon it´s time for different things. It has made it easier for me and Mikko to avoid doing certain things or saying certain things that we know will trigger him. When people take their dogs out for walks they might ask the dog “wanna go for a walk pooche?” or say “lets go for a walk poochie”…athough you dont need to say anything. It´s better to just take the leash, attach it to the dog and go for a walk. The second I touch the leash Igor already knows were gonna go for a walk and there is no reason for me to egg him on and just get him excitedly anxious about going for a walk. mHmm…what weird dribble this post is*_*;;;

What I meant to write about in this post is that Mikko and I feel that now is the moment when we are finally able to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Igor is over 5 months old and now we really feel he is showing so much improvement in his behaviour that we can safely say that we are doing things right. Before I was wondering whether we were being too strict on him or if he would begin to rebel against our rules (which are quite many). There seems to be a some kind of a weird myth that you can´t or you shoudn´t train puppies. I feel it´s weird that some people wait until their dogs are at least 1 year old and until then the dog has been living with few restrictions. If you treat the puppy gently and do things that feel quite natural to the puppy I feel that you are only improving healthy growth and making it easier for the puppy to grow up in a way that he will find it easy to please humans. For example how does a puppy understand that it´s not right to bite people or that it actually hurts people if you never tell him. It´s not like that information will become more apparent to him later on in life. Sometimes I think people dont train their dogs enough at an early age, because they want to be selfish and enjoy the time that the dog is a cute fluffy puppy…and later when the puppy is no longer a cute little puppy and it´s not so cute anymore when a fully grown dog bites you people tend to train the dog in much more unpleasant ways than you could train a puppy.

Hmm..better to stop playing dr-phil and just end this on a positive note. Yesterday Igor learned a new trick:) He now goes to lie down on his side when you ask him:)

The very first pictures

July 20th, 2008 by Veera

Here are the very first pictures of Igor when he was 1-8 weeks old. In some pictures you can see his brothers too. These are all from our breeders website.

Some new photos

July 20th, 2008 by Veera

Here are a few photos I just took off the camera. Mostly Igor just doing random things:)

Long time no post

July 18th, 2008 by Veera

We haven’t updated Igor´s blog for quite some time. The reason is not that were about to stop the blog or that we have gotten bored of the whole “dog experience”. The fact is that now that Igor is exactly 5 months old he is no longer changing as rapidly as before and as a result there are less occasions when he causes something bad or good enough to write about - he is growing up and life is becoming more stable for the 3 of us:) He weighs 6,6kg. When we got him he was somewhere around 2,5kg. He is beginning to look more mature. He used to have no “snout” at all and now he has this long sharp nose:) He is eating well and I even had to cut down on his portions…for his ribs are a little covered. Nothing a little exercise wont fix:)

At this moment Igor has only a few issues we need to work on. He already masters these:

1. Sit!

2. Lie down!

3. Give paw!

4. Give other paw! (he actually knows this command means to change the paw in our hand)

5. Find dad (he goes find M and jumps on him…M doesn’t really enjoy this trick^_^;;;)

6. Come here!

7. etc.

The issues were currently working on:

1. Following in the leash ( right now he´s getting better at it, but we require him to stay exactly at our side and not sniff around)

2. Biting - he gets excited and nibbles on our hands. Also if i try to do my workout he tries to jump one me and when I push him away he tries to bite. Still he is very docile most of the time and NEVER tries to really hurt us, just nibble. Were fortunately making progress on this every day.

3. Barking - he barks when he hears sounds from the stairway. Still he only barks about 3 times a day…and I do mean 3 times as in 3 barks. Our breeder chose him for us because he is very quiet and barking 3 times a day is not a problem, but we wish to keep him at this level so we do our best to discourage him from barking. Japanese spitz were bred as japanese garden guard dogs so of course barking and warning us of strangers is in his blood so we have no intention of totally squeezing this ability out of him. We just wish to keep it under control.

4. He is puppy so he still acts erratically and we trust that with age he will calm down, but we also work on calming him down and teaching him patience.

Altogether things are pretty good. Igor is now a constant member of the family and a constant routine. He wakes us up in the morning and at 22 o´clock he reminds us it´s time for bed. I´m already planning two years ahead…when it might be time for Igor to have a girlfriend;) M is not too pleased with the idea…and keeps talking about babies instead, but I think it would be great to have two dogs. Of course Igor would have to loose his nuts if we got him a girlfriend, but still I think he might be more pleased with having some dog-company than just having the company of us and his nuts…Still at this moment this idea is something I just humor myself with - not a definite plan….although I have been studying about compatible breeds and thinking about whether it would be good to have two Japanese spitz or Igor and some other breed;)